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Is Your Expert Qualified to Render the Opinions?

Posted by David Adelstein on April 24, 2016
Expert Testimony


You retained an expert witness.  You want the expert witness to serve as a testifying expert — to testify at trial to help support a claim or a defense.  But, is your expert qualified to render the opinions you want him/her to render?   Stated differently, does the expert have the expertise, knowledge, skill, education, training, or experience to render the opinion (as required by Florida Statute s. 90.702)?  This is crucial since if he/she does not, he/she will NOT be qualified as an expert witness.  Make sure the expert you retain is qualified to render the opinions you want him/her to render.  If not, you could wind up with an expert that either (a) is not allowed to testify or (b) testifies at trial which potentially results in a new trial due to an unqualified expert testifying.  


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