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Enforce Settlement Agreement OR Breach of Settlement Agreement

 When you enter into a settlement agreement, the intent is for the parties to comply with their settlement obligations.  Why enter into a settlement agreement that you know you are not going to comply with?  That would not make sense, right? Unfortunately, it occurs.  A party may not comply with a continuing obligation.  And, it is always frustrating when this happens for the other party expecting that obligation to be performed. When a settlement agreement is entered, particularly if it requires obligations that will not occur immediately, a party will want to dismiss the case requesting the trial court enter an order...

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Must be a Meeting of the Minds for there to be a Settlement

A settlement agreement is governed under the tenets of contract law – there needs to be a meeting of the minds for there to be a settlement.  Ideally, you want this meeting of the minds to be memorialized in writing in a settlement agreement.  However, what if it is not memorialized in a written settlement agreement? As is true of contracts generally, a settlement agreement is formed “only when one party makes an offer and another party accepts it.”  An acceptance sufficient to create an enforceable agreement “must be (1) absolute and unconditional; (2) identical with the terms of the offer;...

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